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Video Streaming – Live or On Demand

FBCMediaTel’s Internet TV service is delivered by Kbit TV. As a client, you can stream anything from your weddings to corporate events by using our easy-to-use solutions. As one of the most cost effective and user friendly solution available today, the FBCMediaTel’s Internet TV solutions lets anyone with an internet connection and a camera, broadcast live video over the Internet.

What is it about?

FBC MediaTel enables content owners to broadcast their videos and live events, building intimacy with fans who are unable to attend. Users will get an embedded player that can be placed directly on their web page, which means the video will be played directly from that page. We can also help them create and customise their own TV Show which is easy to create and deliver. They may want to start broadcasting immediately or schedule to start and stop at a specific date and time. Based on the type of account held with us, they may be able to use the off-the shelve Pay-Per-View and Subscription based solutions to set ticket prices for each video, and using our PayPal account to start making money immediately. Start your Internet TV today.

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Internet Live and On Demand Streaming

Managed bespoke streaming services

FBCMediaTel provides a simple yet very flexible managed service for it’s clients to deliver live and on demand video on their website.
The service is designed for content providers who do not want to get to involved with the day to day activities on servers and only concentrate on creating content for their viewers

How it works

First an account with FBCmediatel is needed, this can be done by making an enquiry using the link below, by doing so, we will have information about what it is you want to do.
We will then provide you with all the relevant information required to get you started.

You will also be able to send us your content in the approved manner, tell us how you want it scheduled, and we will have it ready for broadcast as agreed.
For your live broadcast, all you will to tell us is your start and stop times so we can monitor and make sure that everything is OK on our end.

We are working on a new form but until then use the our contact form and let us know what you’re after.

Monetizing your video

(earning from your broadcast and videos)

With your video on demand, you only need to tell us which video you want your viewers to pay for and how much. We will set it all up for you and collect using our paypal details so you do not have to worry, just start earning.

For your live PPV broadcast, again, you tell us what package or ticket prices you want for the event and we will set it all up ready for you to start earning.