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Banner, Audio and Video Advertising

FBCMediaTel’s all media advertising service has a world wide target reach and targeted audience are both males and females with age ranges from 18-65. The fundamental objective of our media advertising service is to offer businesses, social groups, governments, clubs and individuals a presence on the Internet though Internet marketing, thus helping to increase their web traffic and business awareness.

Banner Advertising

You might have a great website – but do enough people know about it?
If it can be afforded, advertising in the local paper or radio may also help to promote it, but you also need something else that gets you found on the world wide web.

Using our advertising banner system, you can highlight your business on various pages allocated within our network. In addition to this, you can also place the floodlights on the products or services that you provide. You can even provide images that represent the products that you deal with. This further increases the visibility and the promotion of your business.

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Audio Radio Advertising

FBC MediaTel provides a full Audio advertising service over its media network. Customers can choose to have their adverts created for them and then placed on one of our Internet radio stations. Customer can also choose to use audio ads they already have (subject to ads meeting our submission criteria). Tell us about the type of advert you want.

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Video Advertising – Internet TV

Business marketing has recently undergone a big change with the arrival of online video marketing – one of the most powerful marketing tool for business. We are your one stop shop for all internet marketing needs including video. We do not want you to waste time buying equipment and then learning how to use the video software. We can produce your online videos advertisement for you within a few weeks. All our video production is done by our events division GMQex. Complete the form and let us get you on target.

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