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How It All Works

A representative will be assigned solely to facilitate all our clients repair requirements from start to finish. We assure you that all your repair needs are taken care of as quickly as possible to meet your target.

When we work for you, it is possible for you to follow the progress of your repairs on-line, we provide you with a facility where you can see what has actually been done with your computer. You will be able to make comments and raise questions directly to our repairs team from our portal login or via email.

Why Choose Us?

Since our repair team main focus is to provide a full service, we can say that no matter where your computer came from or the brand of its hardware or software, we will endeavour to do our absolute best to rapair and maintain those computers and carry out any necessary repairs as quickly and hassle-free as we possibly can.

Now whatever questions you may have about your computer in terms of functionality and repair, we are here to support you and help you by taking the difficulty out of making repair or upgrade decisions. If you are a developing business or just looking to make easier desisions about your computers, let FBC Computers work with you as your partner to deliver your aim.

Starting from £35

We start with diagnostics to determine the problem with your computer, sometimes your PC will not switch on or turns off without warning.

We carry out various test to identify the root cause of the problem and get you back on track. It’s most likely we’ve seen your problem before, or one very similar to it.

Given that there are a great number of problems that can arise with computers, we have listed some of the common ones we have had to rectify for our clients.

  • Hard drive failure
  • Replace laptop keyboard
  • Disc not loading
  • Virus / Trojan threats
  • Replace Laptop LCD Screen
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Starting from £55

We know just how frustrating it can be for everyone when the computer fails, it’s often the possibility of lost data, rather than the malfunctioning machine that causes us the most worry, we at fbc computers do our best to make sure you do not have to worry about your computer. We have the capability to repair most types of computer problems from the removal of virus and malware infections to replacing faulty hardware.

Quite often just a simple memory upgrade can make your laptop or desktop PC run faster and more reliably. We can install new memory, reinstall your OS and install drivers to go with your hardware.

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Starting from £40

Given that there are a great number of problems that can arise with computers, we have listed some of the common ones we have had to rectify for our clients.

  • Internet connection problems
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Router / modem problems
  • Network problems
  • System recovery / installation

Although we provide support and repairs for your computers and laptops, It is definitely easier to identify potential problems with a computer health check. This way you can be sure that everything is running as it should. In some cases we may be able to perform a check remotely, and your computer never has to leave your premises to be given a full check up.

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